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Welcome to alfa cleaning services.

alfa cleaning services Alfa Cleaning is specialized in professional cleaning services and is most experienced in upholstery and carpet cleaning. Working in this wide-spread branch of industry for over 10 years, we have become one of the most prolific cleaning companies in North London. We offer a big range of sources which can satisfy eventhe most capricious characters. Not only do we work with high-qualified specialists, who pay attention to the slightest details, but we also use innovative technology, ecological products and professional up-to-date techniques. It is of great importance for our cleaning company to approach each client’s personality tactfully and precisely because the key to success of every single industry is the human resource. Our best advantagesare the professionalism and the motivation of our trained hard-working staff – the best asset of Alfa Company.We have brought into correlation quality, reliability and effectiveness. During the years we have gained a lot of experience in tenancy cleaning as a whole and we rely on the correct interrelation of our workers, their positive thinking and honesty. The uncompromising quality of our service delivery has been preferred in London and home countries.

Why you should choose Alfa Cleaning Company?

• Throughout the years we have obtained perfect quality of work, which has been referred to our long-lasting contacts with pedant people
• Our prices have been competitive, reasonable and flexible towards the economic changes
• Mainly the goal we are striving for is to give our clients gratification and to make them ask for our services again
• We are always trying to improve our services and skills in every kind of cleaning, which helps us provide you everything related to your comfort and hygiene on a higher level

Type of services we offer:

Carpet cleaning
After tenancy cleaning
Common area cleaning
Cleaning for estate agents and landlords
Cleaning for housing associations
Regular cleaning
Rug cleaning
Car cleaning
After builders cleaning
Office cleaning

After a long and exhausting renovation or just an ordinary redecoration the first thing you need to do is to refurbish your building and make it comfortable for living or work. Alfa Cleaning Company would offer you all of those services no matter whether it is about one-off cleaning or after tenancy cleaning.

Indoors or outdoorswe have the ability to do whatever you need and the most important thing is that we know how exactly to do it. Consulting with our specialists will convince you in our professionalism, experience and quality.

When you need a professional cleaning, you do not have to worry about anything. Our staff does their work with confidence and agility, and effectively for a very short time. When you do not have enough time because of your dedication to work or family, someone needs to do the dirty work. You can count on our instant response and what we can best do is to fulfill completely all of your expectations.

If you need to please your landlord the best thing to do is to make a tenancy cleaning. We absolutely understand your need of one-off cleaning so we can adopt that kind of responsibility for a reasonable price. For example, after a big celebration or a special day, everyone knows how dirty it could be so Alfa Cleaning is available on your needs.

Moreover, Alfa tenancy cleaning provides you with the opportunity to rely on the Carpet cleaning services. Alfa is well-known for its preciseness towards this kind of matter. We use special economic and natural carpet products which are harmless for the health of your family.

There is no point in trying different methods to get rid of the mess when you can trust Alfa Cleaning!The end of the tenancy cleaning takes much of your time, moreover it is such an unpleasantly and exhausting work for all the people, which is a sufficient reason to leave it to the staff.

You may think that you are able to cope with everything but do you actually want to do all of this by yourself? Do you have that time? If your answer is ‘no’, then you know what to do.

Alfa knows that there is nothing more important to you than to see the results of our professional work and to be assured with it. We use only products of the highest quality because we know how important is to clean without harming ourselves.

You should think of cleaning as a reasonable investment as well and Alfa will prove you this. Yes, you may spend some amount of money by hiring us but do you think that you can clean in the professional way that we do? Can you afford to buy all the high-qualified, modern machines for this purpose?

All the trained staff in it work enthusiastically enough to take care of everything. Then, when your landlord sees the results, he will be very surprised with the quality of our staff.

No one else agency uses the same ways of cleaning as we do. It is proved by all the clients that we had been working with during the years. Most of them still rely on us because they know how reliable we are and how much attention we give to them. A big part of our clients are surprised with the enthusiasmand the willingness of our staff. Alfa does not take ‘cleaning’ just as a process, for us it is of a big significance to make you feel relaxed and comfort. When you count on us you will be fully aware of all the mechanisms which we use for cleaning.

Every single client that we have been working with so far has been absolutely satisfied with all of his expectations.